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Cricketopia: The Web Page

Welcome to Cricketopia: The Web Page. Shiny.

days until MIGHTY is a supremely enlightened spirit! Yea!

Here you will learn all about the odd universe that is Cricketopia. For example, you will leearn about its history, such as Crickug the Great, Crickoog the Not Quite Great but Still Very Remarkable, and Crickug the Funny Looking Guy Not Worth Mentioning. Eggs.

This is the page of homeness. It is 100% younger sibling free so rejoice! This is because it is protected by the power of Oog and his disciples. Except for when they come anyway. Then the makers of this site recomend a good ol' fashioned lightsaber (or flamethrower if lightsabers are not available in our part of existence). Red.

Updates Log

3/3/01 - Created the page. Pants.


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